A Big Thank you!

A big thank-you to everyone who came to the AGM, and particularly for the overwhelming interest in helping out on the board!  (We may need to increase the number of board positions in future!)  Your board members for this coming year are: Amanda Coutts (Chair), Amanda Parker, Amelia Tuinukuafe, Carla Nichol, Kennedy Holt (Past Chair), Nicole Maguhn, and Noel Corser.  Please contact any of us with your ideas or suggestions!  And as always, check the website for the updated Calendar and other information.

Update: New Playground Hours

The indoor playground is now open until 4pm Monday-Friday, and from 5-7pm on Thursday evenings!  Please also check out the revised Calendar on the website for dates in November when we're closed.  We're hoping to have some weekend days open soon too.

You can now host a birthday party at the indoor playground!  Please check our website for details, and be sure to read the Policy Manual - Birthday Parties as well.  It's $50, you need to send us a request at least 10 days beforehand, and for liability/insurance reasons you must be a Member.  The Firebay space (with indoor playground equipment removed) remains available for rentals on weekends by contacting the Guild/Arts Society of Hinton.

Before I forget (again!), the AGM is being held in the People's Centre at the Rec Centre.  For those of you who recently joined and didn't get the initial email, it's at 5:00pm on Tuesday, October 22.  Free childcare is being provided by ParentLink, and there will be Subway at about 4:30pm if you need a bite.  You MUST r.s.v.p. by Oct. 18 with number/ages of kids, for ParentLink!

Update: Things are moving along nicely!

Things are moving along very nicely!  We have approval to rent the Firebay space at the Guild, and are in the process of finalizing the details.  The rent is very reasonable, and the space should work well, with a small kitchen area, bathrooms which will have change-tables, and lots of room for little kids to run around.  We're hoping to open on October 1st, to coincide with National Family Week.  Initial hours of operation will be 8:30am - 4pm daily Monday-Friday except for any dates when the Firebay is being used by other groups.  We will be posting a calendar soon so everyone will know which dates/times the indoor playground is unavailable.  There is also an option to have the indoor playground open evenings/weekends when the Firebay is available, with details to be finalized at our next meeting.

There will be no charge to use the indoor playground.  We are actively looking for sponsorships from the community to support initial start-up and operating costs, so if you know of anyone who would be interested please contact hintonparentsforplay@gmail.com!  An information package for potential sponsors will be finalized soon.

The Equipment group has done a lot of work choosing options for play equipment, and would like to know if anyone has items they want to donate before we go out and buy them.  If you want to see the current list, or have other items you might want to donate, please contact the Equipment group (Holly LaRochelle, Amelia Tuinukuafe, Carla Nichol) or hintonparentsforplay@gmail.com (we can't accept all items, of course!).

Laura Moriarty and Lindsey Braucht are going to be child-proofing the Firebay space, so if you have electrical outlet covers, counter/furniture corner protectors, cupboard latches, etc. please contact them.

Also, if you know of anyone in the Hinton area who has a steel storage/shipping container (sea-can) in good condition, please contact hintonparentsforplay@gmail.com with details, as we need a container for storage in October.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out so far, and if you want to contribute please contact us at hintonparentsforplay@gmail.com!

Equipment List

Here is the equipment proposed by the Equipment Committee. Please feel free to comment below if there are other items you would like to see in the Indoor Playground. If you have items to donate, please email hintonparentsforplay@gmail.com, and a member of our Committee will be in contact to review your item. Thanks for your interest!

Birth to 15 months (Non-Sitting)

  • Exersaucer (2)
  • Bouncy/Vibrating Chairs (2)
  • Sitting
  • Jumparoo (2)
  • Soft block unit with slide
  • 2" matting or foam floor pieces
  • Walker/Stroller Equipment
  • Activity Table
  • Balls (lots of knobby, soft dodgeball, soccer, exercise balls)\
  • Cozy Coupes                                                                                                

1-4 years

  • Bouncy Castle                                                                                                 
  • Matting for entrance/exit
  • Mini Hockey                                                                                                    
  • Little Tykes Climb & Slide                                                                          
  • Balance Beam/Blocks that click                                                               
  • Play huts                                                                                                        
  • Crawl tunnel                                                                                                    
  • Exercise trampoline & bar                                                                      
  • Tricycle/Plasma Car                                                                                      

3-6 years

  • Basketball Net (smaller)                                                                             
  • Teeter Totter   (+ matting)                                                                        
  • Hula hoops                                                                                                       
  • Rotate: Bean Table, Felt Board, Elastic Peg Board                            

Snack Center

  • Small Tables & Chairs (IKEA?)                                                                   
  • Decorating (IKEA)                                                                                        

Update: Tasks

For those of you who haven't yet joined a task-group (hint, hint!) here's what's been happening since the planning meeting on Sept. 6.  If you have a bit of time and are willing to help out, there are quite a few things that need doing before we can open (see list below).  If you're interested in helping with one of the task-groups, please contact any member of the group.  The items marked (____) also need volunteers!  Please contact me if you can help out with them.

We've registered a non-profit society (Hinton Parents for Play) that will oversee the indoor playground.  Once we finalize our new bylaws (contact Bylaws group if you can help!) we'll book our first organizational/Annual General Meeting to elect our first board of directors, hopefully by the end of October.

Currently, we're looking at renting the Firebay space at the Guild, and we met today with Christina Johns-Oliver who oversees that space.  Once she gets the go-ahead from her board we can start making the necessary improvements to the space, and getting the initial equipment and sponsorships going.  Holly LaRochelle (Equipment group) will be posting the list of equipment on the blog. We will also be screening equipment donations, so if you have items that are on the list that you might want to donate, please contact the Equipment group with details!

The more sponsors we can get, the better we can make this indoor playground.  If you are connected somehow with any businesses in town, and think they might be interested in sponsoring either specific playground equipment items or the indoor playground in general, please contact the Sponsors group with details!  The Sponsors group is currently making up an information package for potential donors as well.

If possible, we're hoping to open the doors by October 1st.  That will require lots of help, so if you can take on any of the items below, or help out with any of the task-groups already running, please let me know!

Thanks, Noel Corser (on behalf of Hinton Parents for Play)



Get equipment

  • Make up wish list (Equipment group)
  • Decide on criteria for inclusion/exclusion (Equipment group)
  • Decide estimated budget vs. buy-as-we-get-sponsors (Core Committee)
  • Ask/advertise for donations of used equipment? (Equipment group)
  • Find storage space
  • Check with YRAF-CC re. temporary storage in Firebay (yes)
  • Get storage container (Noel)
  • Research/get quotes for buy/rental container (Noel)
  • Advertise for locally-available container (_____)

Get sponsors

  • Make up info. package (Sponsors group)
  • Equipment/needs wish list for sponsors to choose from (Equipment group)
  • Decide on how to recognize sponsors (Core Committee)
  • Make list of potential sponsors to approach (Sponsors group)
  • Accept money/equipment (Noel/Core Committee)
  • Set up bank account (_____)
  • Get non-profit society registration (Noel)
  • Decide on signers and arrange appointment with bank (Core C.)

Set up Firebay space

  • Draft agreement with YRAF-CC (Core Committee)
  • Decide on cleaning needs/system/costs
  • Decide on hours/access system
  • Decide on system to clear/replace equipment for other users
  • Decide on cost-sharing for space improvements
  • Make space improvements
  • Research/purchase/install light protectors (______)
  • Child-proofing space
  • Electrical outlet covers, cupboard locks, anti-tip anchors, corner bumpers, anti-pinch door/cupboard stops, others?, periodic review (______)
  • Buy/install kids’ shoe/coat storage (______)
  • Fixing up sink/cupboards (______)
  • Setting up kitchen facility
  • Deciding on kitchen needs/budget (Core Committee)
  • Research/purchase kitchen improvements (______)
  • Install signage
  • Confirm with Town re. signage guidelines (Noel)
  • Decide on signage needs/content (Core Committee)
  • Make signs + install (______)
  • Make bathroom improvements
  • Confirm with YRAF-CC re. cost-sharing/guidelines (Core Committee)
  • Research/purchase/install change tables + accessories (______)
  • Install child-safe entry
  • Decide on child-lock door vs. baby-gate vs. other (Core Committee)
  • Purchase/install entry system (______)

Other tasks

  • Research insurance policies (Kennedy Holt)
  • Plan/organize “opening day” (_____)

About Us

We're a group of committed parents in Hinton, Alberta, the beautiful Gateway to the Rockies.

Our goal is to provide a safe place for active families to play indoors.

We welcome you to join our crew of dynamic caregivers with all of the unique skills and talents you have to bring to the table, whether you have 5 minutes to spare, or much more time to volunteer. Email us for more details at hintonparentsforplay@gmail.com.


First Meeting Today

In a nutshell we've started the process of incorporating a non-profit society (Hinton Parents for Play) which will manage the new indoor playground/activity centre and the paperwork to wrap that up should be completed shortly.

A lot of great name suggestions came up for the indoor playground itself, but that hasn't been finalized yet - feel free to keep the suggestions coming!  

We have had a ton of good ideas for how to make this new indoor playground a wonderful place to take kids and what parents in our community are looking for - our thanks for sharing this information in person and through email.

If you are interested in coming on board, we are looking for dynamic parents to add to our board, or to add their skills to our team in whatever way you're available.

For more information, please email Noel Corser (our current point person for communication) at