You must be a member of the Hinton Parents for Play Society in order to use the indoor playground (for insurance and security reasons).  Membership is FREE for Non-Voting Members, and $50/year for Voting Members.  All you have to do is complete and sign a Membership Application/Release of Liability form (also available at the playground), and drop it in the Donations/Suggestions Box at your first visit.

 All members are required to abide by the Bylaws and Policies, so please make sure to read them over!

Website Login for After-hours Access

Once you are a member, please complete the website registration process (below) to set up your access to the password-protected member's area.  This is required if you want to access the indoor playground after-hours, e.g. Tuesday/Thursday evenings, available weekend dates.

Once you have registered, you can access password-protected evening/weekend booking page.  You can manage your account at any time by clicking on the Member Login tab at the top-left of any page.