The indoor playground at the Guild is operated by the Hinton Parents for Play Society, whose goal is "to provide a safe place for active families to play indoors".  The playground is designed for children under 7, but everyone is welcome.  For insurance reasons, all users must be members of the Hinton Parents for Play Society, but membership is FREE for Non-Voting members.  Simply complete a "Membership Application/Release of Liability" form at your first visit, and drop it in the Donation/Suggestion box at the playground.  Forms are available online or at the indoor playground.

The indoor playground has lots of space for kids to run around, as well various items of playground equipment, ride-on toys, etc.  Our goal is to rotate the equipment on a regular basis to keep things fresh and interesting for the kids.  We also have comfortable couches for parents, and several baby bouncers and for infants.  There is an eating area with child-sized tables, as well as sink, microwave, kettle, and dishes/cutlery. Snacks, Tea and a Tassimo coffee system are available at a small charge - on an honour-system.  There are washrooms located in the hallway just outside the playground.  The women's washroom has a change table, with emergency supplies (please re-stock at your next visit!).

For everything you need to know about using the indoor playground, please read through the Policy Manual (also available at the indoor playground).